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Ukulele Tutorial with CD/DVD - tuned In "C"

VAT Included
  • BU3

    Playing the ukulele has never been so easy: Let's Play Ukulele is a ukulele school and songbook in one. It contains 40 pop and rock songs that any beginner can learn quickly without any previous knowledge. The songs are arranged by difficulty and adapt to your abilities. Short learning units between the songs expand your knowledge and explain the most important techniques of playing the ukulele.

    Beginners learn the most important basic techniques in only 7 steps and 10 introductory songs. On the video DVD, these are shown and played in detail. Advanced players can use the book as a songbook and learn special techniques such as fingerpicking, slap, flamenco roll, palm mute and many more.

    The two CDs included contain all the exercises and songs and have been elaborately produced especially for this book with ukulele accompaniment and vocals. So you can practise and play along immediately. You learn most of the songs in the original key. Let's Play Ukulele is ideal for self-study, lessons or as a songbook.

    Besides "Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the ukulele classic par excellence, and pop songs like 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz, you'll find great rock classics by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Johnny Cash and many more. Songs like 'Born To Be Wild' or 'Summer Of 69' prove that you can also play real rock riffs on the ukulele. So you not only learn how to play the ukulele, but also have a great and varied repertoire right from the start, which is a lot of fun to play and listen to. That's what the ukulele is all about.

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