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SL902W Soprano Ukulele Longneck Black Walnut

VAT Included
  • Schwarznuss mit gewölbtem Boden


  • Description

    Body: Black Walnut
    top and back bookmatched
    arched back
    Neck: 3-piece Maple with Black Walnut
    Fingerboard: Black Walnut
    Bridge: 2-piece Black Walnut
    Pyramid carbon strings
    Bag available under "Accessories"!
    Length: 57.5 cm
    Scale: 37.5 cm
    Body width: 13/16.5 cm
    Body height: approx. 5.3 cm

  • For our variants we use:

    Shadow piezo pickup

    Grover geard pegs

    Wooden strap button

  • Tasche unter "Zubehör" erhältlich!

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