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  • What is a soprano ukulele?
    Like the historical models, our soprano ukuleles have 12 frets.
  • What is a concert ukulele?
    Anyone who prefers to play solo and also in higher registers should opt for one of our concert ukuleles. These have 15 frets, the neck-body transition is just before the 13th fret, so that even the highest frets are easily accessible. If you want to combine the prejudices of the concert fingerboard with the small body size of the soprano ukulele, you will find what you are looking for in our "Longneck" models. The neck-body transition is here at the 15th fret.
  • What is a tenor ukulele?
    Like the soprano ukulele, we also offer our tenor models with 12 frets. The tenor ukuleles use the same body size as our concert ukuleles.
  • What is a baritone ukulele?
    Traditionally, the largest instrument in the ukulele family is tuned in DGHE, i.e. like the four highest strings on a guitar.
  • What is a pineapple ukulele?
    In addition to our proven body shapes, we also offer pineapple-shaped instruments. Here the exterior is modeled on the pineapple fruit.
  • How do I put strings on?
    When putting on new strings, make sure that the string is wrapped several times to the end of the pin towards the headstock (see photo). In this way, the string is optimally guided through the saddle slot.
  • How do I trace vertebrae?
    In the case of a new instrument with direct standard pegs, the screw on the peg may have to be tightened slightly at the beginning. While doing so, hold the black swivel knob.

The difference between a normal concert ukulele (below) and a flat concert ukulele (above).

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